After the Fire Kindle, Amazon’s Make iPhone Counter?

Some success with Fire tablet Kindle, Amazon is now considering making a smartphone. Yes, it looks like the giant retailer from the United States (U.S.) was released gadget addiction.

The report quoted by Bloomberg, Friday (07/06/2012), quoted source who declined to be named, says this smartphone will be made by Foxconn, a leading manufacturer from China who became major component suppliers for Apple.

Indeed, smartphone specifications are not mentioned in detail. However, these speakers provide an overview, the latest device to be released this Amazon, more or less similar to kindle Fire 7 inch, but with a smaller screen.

If this information is correct, Amazon will most likely fill a niche of low-cost smartphone market, as it did with the Kindle Fire. As is known, successful Kindle Fire into tablets at a price more affordable alternative. In the U.S., its popularity shot to compete with iPad.

Well, some analysts have predicted that this would be a cheap version of the smartphone that will enliven the increasingly competitive market. Looking at the experience of success Kindle Fire, it is not possible this smartphone will compete with the iPhone and mobile phones ‘big fish’ such as S3 and HTC Galaxy One X.