After Nokia, BlackBerry Become Microsoft’s Target

Nokia smartphone purchase copyrighted by Microsoft is still so warm conversation some, including internal Nokia employee who began to wonder the fate of their post-acquisition. Now the latest shocking news emerged again about plans for the next Microsoft, as quoted from Ubergizmo states that reliable sources at Bloomberg, said Microsoft will also likely buy a Blackberry.


Indeed, some time ago had circulated rumors that Microsoft has an interest to take over Blackberry as Lenovo. If we recall Steve Ballmer revelation two years ago that said that buying a Blackberry is not a profitable investment. However, a recent report from Bloomberg gave a signal that Microsoft is still considering the purchase option ripe blackberry blackberry because now is not the same as the two previous years, now Blackberry has a strong market position, especially in Asia.

Blackberry is currently in a situation of uncertainty; it is difficult to guess whether the company would fall in line with the decline of their market share. If Microsoft wants to take over Blackberry, some experts advise to do it immediately. We think that by buying Nokia and BlackBerry case, then Microsoft wants to expand business lines and smartphone devices ecosystem with weapons.