Again, iPhone 5 Specs Leak

Again, it appears the iPhone specs leaked photo 5. Could be, the iPhone 5 will indeed have a larger size than its predecessor. Just like the picture that had circulated earlier this photo emphasizes information ‘larger screen’.

But besides that, there are a number of additional information. As reported by TechRadar, Friday (06/07/2012), a touch sensor on the device is said to have been integrated with the LCD itself.

The advantage, this technology reduces the number of layers to display, so that the display device slimmer. That is, the iPhone 5 is the thinnest iPhone later.

Mydrivers, China’s first technology blog revealing the visibility of those claiming the photo was obtained from sources in the company that became one of Apple’s component suppliers.

However, interviewees were not aware of the photo leak into the hands mydrivers. There is no guarantee the validity of the information uncovered from the image. However, the appearance of the iPhone 5 is similar to the previous leak.

The latest generation iPhone will carry the so-called 4-inch screen, dual core processor, 1GB RAM and NFC technology. Apple introduces IOS 6 months ago. Apple’s latest mobile platform is expected to be embedded in the gadget. The latest information says, the iPhone 5 will most likely use the IOS 6.