AL13 iPhone Bumper Hits Kickstarter with All Its Might

AL13 iPhone Bumper

The numerous iPhone cases available in the market offer various kinds of additional functionality. Sadly, most of these cool additions are at the cost of obstructing the premium look of your expensive iPhone. Not to say that only a few of them actually provides better protection to your handset. Now if you, like us, hate this, you may want to take a look at AL13, a new minimalist looking iPhone bumper which recently resides at Kickstarter.

Forget about the unlucky number of 13, because with this bad guy, you don’t need any luck. The whole surface of your iPhone is protected and best of all it remains to look good. Made of aluminum used to construct spacecraft, we believe there is no external force which is strong enough to bump your iPhone. Of course, the story will be different if you, for any crazy reason, slam that pricey handset to hard floor.

Unlike other rugged cases, the AL13 iPhone bumper doesn’t require screws, clips, or other dirty stuff to fit your iPhone. All you need is slip in your device and it’s securely locked already. To provide a better protection against harmful force, the aerospace grade aluminum is layered with soft rubber lining. Additionally, the thin polyurethane film at the front should be more than capable of repelling any nasty fingerprints and scratches. Not to say it acts as an anti-glare layer too.

Available in four different colors (black, red, silver and green), you can preorder it at Kickstarter for $45. By the way, we should warn you that you may notice a slight signal drop once you pair your iPhone with the AL13 iPhone bumper. The fact that it’s made of metal potentially decrease the signal strength by 5%.