Analyst: BlackBerry 10 Will Boost RIM Shares

BlackBerry 10 seems to really be ‘ammunition’ that work for Research In Motion (RIM) in the smartphone market competition. Publicity and acceptance of the latest operators to the BlackBerry platform makes analysts believe will bring a positive response from the trading floor.


Peter Misek, an analyst firm Jefferies & Company recommends that investors buy shares of RIM soon. Fundamentally, the launch of BlackBerry 10, which will be performed on Jan. 30 quite enlightening value of its shares. Moreover, BlackBerry Z10 has picked up the launch schedule with T-Mobile that will hit the Canadian market on March 27, 2013.

“Based on our research, the operator indicates to commit to increase the volume of sales in the first two quarters after launch. Of agreement 500 thousand units per month are conducted in December, to 1-2 million units for the next month, “he said as reported by BGR, Friday (01/18/2013).

One factor is the emergence of commitment because RIM has claimed that BlackBerry App World has provided 70 thousand applications for BlackBerry 10 devices. This number will certainly grow, as more and more support for developers who are interested in selling the application in the app store.

Indications positive stock market response to the strike according to Misek RIM could be seen from the vendor’s stock price, which rose from U.S. $ 13 per share to U.S. $ 15.64 at the market close Friday, an increase of nearly 5%. He even target share price would rise to U.S. $ 19.50 per share.

The share price is certainly difficult to achieve a price of U.S. $ 140 as in the heyday of RIM in 2008 ago, but Misek believes that the vendor’s stock price is going to double in the fall of this year. So, is this the beginning of the rise of RIM?