Anti-Google campaign, Microsoft is now Selling Shirts and Mugs ‘Scroogled’

Microsoft sells software that may have been commonplace. Was the case when such devices expose Microsoft Surface tablet or other Windows-based devices in the Microsoft Store. But it would be strange if the company has now also helped sell many kinds of merchandise, from the form of mugs, hats, t-shirt, hoodie jackets, t-shirts and others.


But here’s the reality today. Quoted from Pocket-lint, Microsoft began selling various types of merchandising such as a step anti-Google campaign that continues to stimulate them, ‘Scroogled’. Merchandise sold by Microsoft that also contains a variety of ribbing that they are addressed to Google.

Various words they pinned on this merchandise. Among them is a mug with the words “Keep Calm, while we steal your data,” or t-shirt with the label “I’m watching you”. Quite interesting, especially for those who have a view like Microsoft who are tired with Google.