Apple Appoints CEO Yves Saint Lauren As New Vice President

Loss figure of Steve Jobs, who is considered to have the creativity and innovation that almost never runs out, Apple seems to have made ​​a limp cloth. Although still have Jonathan Ivy is thought to have intelligence in designing a product, but the fact is in fact still not enough to save Apple.


This is shown by the strategic move Apple recently invited to join Paul Deneve. According to The Verge, on Tuesday (07.02.13), Deneve is a figure who served as CEO of Yves Saint Laurent, a fashion house that has been well-known all over the world, before he was pulled by Apple.

Until now, there has been no news or the latest news stating that the position will Deneve live in Apple. But according to some rumors, the man from Belgium will be the vice-president, right under CEO Tim Cook in an organization. He will be responsible for developing a “special project”.

Deneve himself not a stranger in the Apple Company. He had worked in the Sales and Marketing division for the European market in the period 1990 to 1997. After that, he decided to leave and pursue the fashion industry by Courreges, until finally he was appointed CEO of Yves Saint Lauren in 2011 ago.