Apple Immediately Fix Backlight iPad Display to Reduce Overheating

Technology-based technology giant of Cupertino is trying to change the backlight lamp module iPad to help solve the problem of overheating. DigiTimes reports that the new iPad backlight module, which uses two-LED structure, will be replaced by an LED structure similar to that used on the iPad 2.

Citing unidentified sources, DigiTimes says that additional LEDs on the new iPad is the source of the problem of overheating. “LEDs reportedly adding extra heat and the excessive use of one LED will help solve the problem of overheating due to the backlight lamp causing overheating,” writes Digitimes.

When asked whether the two LEDs will minimize the level of clarity and new iPad Retina display performance, the source said that it will not affect the luminosity of the tablet. The source added that the battery will be improved next-generation iPad, and iPad also claimed would soon be out the latest year-end holiday season.