Apple iPad 3G review

After many delays, Apple iPad is now in the UK in both 3G and WiFi-only flavors. The model we are testing today are actually called iPad Wi-Fi + 3G in full usage, but Apple iPad 3G will do for us.

Apple iPad 3G
If you hope to get your hands on one are you are probably better be quick though – Apple stores had limited supplies at the start, while quoting website orders only now ‘June’ as the delivery date.

The iPad 3G controls at a price £ 100 – £ 529 more than the Wi-Fi version. And that’s only 16GB for the basic edition – it’s an extra £ 70 for the 32GB model and a further £ 100 if you want the full 64GB. This means that the upper end iPad 3G, that we are testing here with the controls on a sobering £ 699.

The iPad 3G is a little different in terms of appearance, it has a black plastic strip at the top of the back of the iPad, which ensures that allows the iPad get decent 3G coverage. An all-metal housing would not be good for them.

There is also the MicroSim slot, so you get a SIM eject tool, and the Dock Connector to USB Cable. Unfortunately, there is no dock in the box, but you must get a power supply.

The other great blessings of the iPad 3G is that you get GPS capabilities, so you have a better experience, such as Google Maps and get geo-tagged tweets. Both models have a digital compass, though. However, tests in our other review for the iPad Wi-Fi-only model showed that the iPad Wi-Fi still capture quite well the current location using Wi-Fi.

The iPad uses iPhone OS, which at the time of writing to support more multi-tasking. However, the iPhone OS 4.0 is imminent, which means that multi-tasking applications are supported.

The use of the iPhone and iPod touch OS means that the iPad is a large living room-type device. It’s just for popping online or by e-mail sporadically large. We have a tablet type computers before, of course, seen mainly with permission from Microsoft, but they have not stepped up to the plate. Instead, they have dodgy handwriting recognition and had bad checks.

As usual with Apple, they’ve done and it takes a little better, and that’s even before the apps that the iPhone and iPod touch model, bringing a whole new level to get.

Also, Windows 7, with its touch-compatibility is not quite on the job, a completely intuitive touch-based interface.

No wonder, then, Apple has had so much success with iPad. But remember this is only the beginning, we will see soon tablets based on Android (like the Dell Streak) and later in the year, Google Chrome. So let’s look at the Apple iPad 3G depth.