Apple iPhone now Become Best-Selling Smartphone in Japan in 2012

If the BlackBerry mobile phones that are not being sold in the Japanese market, it is different with Apple’s iPhone. Even in a recent report in the last quarter 2012, Apple’s iPhone managed to become the top selling smartphone in Japan.


This achievement is the first by Apple’s iPhone. In the quarter, the iPhone managed to obtain 16 percent of the smartphone market in Japan. Previously, smartphoen domestically-made products, rather than Sharp are the best-selling hardware in Japan.

Two manufacturers of South Korea had obtained a positive impact on the Japanese market. LG and Samsung along with other foreign producers gain more than 50 percent share in Japan’s mobile phone market. And this achievement is the first in the country sakura.

Today, some Japanese carrier is being intensively in marketing Apple’s iPhone 5. On the other hand, they began to lose share for domestic products such as Sharp and Fujitsu. As a result, the two Japanese companies must be willing to undergo a decline of 14 percent in the Japanese market.