Apple Patents Register for Active Stylus with Level Higher Accuracy and Speed

At the initial launch of the iPhone, the late Steve Jobs was reluctant to use the stylus. Instead, Jobs considers that the finger is the best device to operate the iPad or iPhone.


And, since then, Apple did not even consider using a stylus on his product. However, with the change of leadership from Jobs to Tim Cook, the policy will likely change. This is proved by the Active Stylus patent received by Apple.

Active Stylus Apple’s stylus is also different from usual. Stylus not only serves to help you to touch the touchscreen. This tool has the ability to produce an electric field and the signal itself.

With these capabilities, Apple’s stylus is also able to provide the level of accuracy and higher speed than normal stylus. However, to see the capabilities of this tool in the hand, it seems that you still have to wait some time. Active Stylus can be used in the product is going to be the next Apple. However, it may not.

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