Apple Possibility Product Phablet

Should Apple make a phablet? The questions that might be the first thing that echoed after the IDC as reported by cnet on Friday (30/08) revealed when the devices with a screen size under 7 inches, or an average of 5 inches has outperformed the dominance of the PC and tablet devices in the Asia-Pacific region (except Japan) in the second quarter of 2013.


In fact, the distribution phablet devices in the second quarter of this year known to have reached 25.2 million or nearly exceed the combined number of categories scored tablet PC 12.6 million and 12.7 million won portable.

This figure is further enhanced by the results of a study conducted by market researchers a rise in the fact that the distribution of the tablet device market rose 100% in each quarter, and a decrease of 620% which occurred from year to year.

And Samsung is an owner having the largest market share with 50% of the tablet market in the region.

Samsung also introduced the Galaxy Mega 6.3 and is expected to overtake the Galaxy Note III at the IFA event in Berlin in the coming days.

So, what about Apple, what should be done by the producers from the United States (U.S.) to compete in the market. Indeed, in the last few years a large category of mobile phones still looks weird. However, now the trend seems to have evolved naturally from a smartphone or tablet itself.

“Phablet has proven to be more than just a fad and will hit the market,” said IDC as quoted from cnet, Monday (02/09/2013).

With phablet competition today, maybe not in 2013 but maybe in 2014 we will see the new 4-inch iPhone and iPad Mini with 7.9-inch screen. At least, this year is no hope of seeing an update for the iPad Mini and iPhone that reportedly following will come with a 6-inch screen or larger next year