Apple Reaction for scandal at App Store

Previously Apple’s App Store is rumored to be inundated with applications corrupt. This news was first breathed by Marco Arment, Instapaper bookmarking application creator that is quite popular. If the statement is believed to be correct, then the reputation of Apple’s FairPlay can be a little questionable.

But now it seems Apple has finally responded to the report seriously. Apple is reported to have told the developers today after realize the situation and his team were currently working to fix it.

“We are aware of the issues associated with applications that crash after an update. We are working to resolve this issue. Look forward to updates from us,” as quoted in the email Apple to developers. Some developers also receive an email statement today from the technology giant based in Cupertino when describing the problem.

The following statement emailed Apple to developers:

“If you are receiving reports from customers about the error when downloading applications from the App Store, they can receive assistance directly from the iTunes Store Customer Support team:

If the iTunes Store Support Team determines that the problem lies with your application and not with the App Store or the account of customers, Apple will contact you to resolve this issue.