Apple Ready to Open Curtain IOS 6

Apple ready to magnitude event, the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) is predicted to be the arena of technology and the introduction of the latest Apple products. The one that almost certainly present is the IOS operating system 6.

In WWDC, Apple has been found to display a banner IOS 6. Complete with the inscription ‘IOS 6, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system’. From this work, it looks like Apple will claim the IOS-6 as the world’s most advanced OS.

Introduction at WWDC 2012 IOS-6 is not so surprising. Because Phil Schiller, Apple’s SVP of Marketing, previously has said it will share the new news about the IOS at WWDC arena.

Last year at WWDC arena, the late Steve Jobs showed off iOS 5 for the first time. IOS 5 brings many new features such as iMessage, messaging service on IOS devices.

Then, what about the new features will be in IOS 6? Reported by PCMag and quoted on Monday (6/11/2012), a growing rumor says IOS 6 will be more deeply integrated with Facebook.

Then Apple will reportedly leave the Google Maps service and launched its services on their own 3D maps in IOS 6. There are also predictions that the voice command feature Siri is now only exist on the iPhone 4S will visit the iPad.