Apple Redesign Hardware and Applications Speakerphone in IOS Devices

HTC poured huge funds can only bind tightly to Beats of Dr. Dre to improve the quality of bass audio handset. Apple was immediately followed HTC to focus on providing better audio experience by optimizing the IOS device speakerphone capabilities.

Apple is good at creating software, will likely create new applications to boost performance in software their speakerphone. Not enough, Apple also plans to redesign the hardware total speakers they have. Patent applications and hardware has just been registered with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

Apple will redesign and reposition the traditional speaker and related components to improve the audio quality possible in a relatively small space. Unfortunately, the patent does not specifically mention the results of these changes for consumers, “the new speaker position at the IOS device can produce a superior sound quality, even when you use the docking,” according to Apple.

Speaker of the phone tends to offer a weak voice due to their small size. Even the laptop and tablet does not have enough space to produce high quality speakers, and these factors were recognized by Apple in their patent applications.