Apple Releases New Mac Pro Video, Make Turmoil in the Internet World

Apple takes strategic steps to introduce new products. One such step is the release of a new video showing the “beauty” of the Mac Pro. This video does not show any specs or the latest features of the computer. Only form of a futuristic design.

This video was first released on YouTube on Friday, August 23 last. But some moviegoers Jobs in the United States, says a teaser promotional video had appeared just before the movie starts. This could be a signal that Apple has returned to seriously develop the product in addition to the iPhone or iPad Mini.

As was mentioned earlier, you will not see any of the features or advantages in the Mac Pro. You will only be presented a video showing the latest computer form, in the form of tubes. Not a rigid box, as you often encounter today.

In general, this video is quite simple, because it does not show the details in terms of device performance. But at the end of the video, featuring images Apple world and the human eye as a cover, as if to illustrate that the new Mac Pro is a computer that can change the world in which we live.