Apple Start Applying insourcing with back producing some of the iMac in the U.S.

Apparently the trend of outsourcing are now starting to return to insourcing, outsourcing Apple were to implement a large scale for the production of all of the hardware are now beginning to turn around and implement insourcing.


It is revealed in which case the latest iMac has “Assembled in USA”. Then Apple CEO Tim Cook also provides information about the company’s plans in an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek and NBC in which he confirmed that Apple would bring back some of the production of the iMac product in the USA.

This happens because the employees in Asia increasingly demanding higher wages, whereas in America the contrary, many are looking for work and willing to work even with wages lower than ever before.

Even Apple will invest 100 million USD to realize this plan.
Apparently this trend had already done that decides to assemble GE water heater products in the United States, in the past outsourced.