Apple Store app gets new shipping options

apple-store-appApple has updated its Apple Store app with two handy new options for buyers.


Released yesterday, version 2.5 of the app now lets you see whether an item that you order online can be delivered to your local Apple store.

Simply tap on the Check Availability link after you choose an item. Enter your city or ZIP code. The app shows you a list of the closest Apple Stores. Tap on one of the listed stores, and the app tells you if the item can be shipped there.

The app also offers more flexibility in where and how you receive your items.

You can now choose different shipping options for different items in a single order. For example, you can opt to have one item shipped to your local Apple Store and a second item shipped directly to your home. The Checkout page lists each item separately, letting you pick where you want it shipped.

Users of the app continue to wait for one specific update — iPad support. The Apple Store app is still designed only for the smaller screen of the iPhone and iPod Touch. iPad users are stuck viewing it in a small window or zooming into a fuzzier full-screen image.