Apple Will Change Notification Banners In iOS 7?

Apple will this year introduce iOS 7 coincided with the launch of its newest product, one of which is the iPhone 5S. Various concepts of operating systems for mobile devices version 7 has been circulating in cyberspace one of which is the concept of notification banners. What’s New?



In this concept the iOS notification banners are very different from before. You can see in the picture, iOS 7 will get a SMS, where there is the option for direct reply. This course is to give convenience to its users.

But look at Apple’s design principles are simple and clean, like the concept would be redesigned again, although the function of the features remains the same. The question is: will this concept actually applied Apple?

Whatever concept came, all decisions in the hands of Jonathan Ive, Apple’s design as the frontman. Surely he will produce a creative iOS 7 is pretty but still functional