Apple Will Limit the number of applications in device IOS 6 Beta

When you have a new iPhone or iPad, certainly dozens of applications and games you can download each day. Unnoticed, your internal memory of 16GB which quickly without feeling drained. And custom install applications without previous calculation will stop when you have an IOS device 6. Because according to the Mid Atlantic Consulting, Apple devices running IOS-6 with more than 500 applications will begin booting slowly and have few problems.

Even if you try to install more than 1000 applications, the device will cease to boot. Mid Atlantic Consulting said they were trying to contact Apple to deal with this problem.

The company believes that if Apple is expected to replace the functions of handheld games, remote control, timer and more, Apple seems to have solved this problem. “Apple says they will fix this problem but perhaps not in the next beta version,” Mid Atlantic Consulting writes in his blog.