Apple’s rumored iRadio service rumored to be on the verge of signing Universal, Warner

iRadio, common vernacular for streaming and long service-may-rumored Apple subscription music, once again making headlines this week, this time thanks to reports claiming the music giant Universal and Warner are close to signing. Greg Sandoval of The Verge writes:


Apple is expected to sign the first internet radio licensing agreements with major record labels may be as soon as next week, multiple sources with knowledge of the talks has told The Verge. Universal Music Group, the largest of the major record companies have reached the final stages of negotiation and Warner Music near the back, the sources said.

Sony, they say, not as far along yet. While rumors iRadio seems popup before every Apple event, real or imagined, the quantity and quality of the recent rumors may suggest a long-in-the-works service finally getting closer to reality. Sounds like Apple’s struggle to get the price down has not gone the way they wish, so be it money will be the deciding factor.

More interesting to me than the question would Apple ever launched iRadio is how Apple will launch iRadio service-type. They already have iTunes Match music locker service, which stores all your local music in the cloud then the river-as-it-re-downloaded to up to 10 of your device. IRadio that will compliment the traditional approach of radio-style playlists, such as Pandora, which is more flexible la carte streaming service or something else entirely?

What would you want from iRadio, and if it is part of the iOS 7, how great new features that will be for you?