Application Developer IOS Get $ 5 Billion

Achievement of engraved Apple App Store is quite classy. How not? This shop has been noted that accommodates 30 billion download activities.

Inevitably, this condition also makes the developers who create applications in IOS sprayed a lot of fund, reached USD 5 billion have been paid Apple for application developers that sold in the App Store.

Indeed it is the total funding for the Apple App Store stands, not in one year alone. The distribution not mentioned in detail where the developer gets the most funding.

What is certain is when a paid application sold in the App Store. The sale price is not fully inserted into the pockets of developers; Because Apple also should receive rations, where the division is 30% to 70% for Apple and developers.

Reported by Engadget and quoted on Tuesday (6/12/2012), Apple App Store now has a collection of 650 thousand applications, in which 225 thousand of which are reserved for the iPad.

This large ecosystem has become a valuable capital for Apple to attract customers. But the iPad and iPhone manufacturer can not be complacent, because Android is also increasingly meraksasa from the collection of applications.