Application Z Theme Make your BlackBerry 10 screen Dynamic

BlackBerry 10 is a young operating system has been able to deliver surprising innovations inside the devices. Various facilities through excellent features provided, has been able to make some of the awe generated by the development company is still headquartered in Ontario, Canada. However, there is one thing you can not do on the BlackBerry 10 device, ie changing the background image or set the theme of your smartphone according to taste.

Although BlackBerry does not provide such ease, one lucky developer managed to build an application that allows us to easily change the background image and adjust the types of writing as we like. The application is called Z Theme built by a team of developers SCrApps.


Z Theme is intended for users of BlackBerry Z10 is a personal dynamic, because this application provides a variety of features that will make us easily adjust the display screen in the ‘Homescreen’. You can change the color of the screen, add a shadow to the icon, or change their background of your Z10 with 12 images that have been provided by Z Theme. You also supplied some color options that can be used to change the colors on the screen of your BlackBerry 10.

The developer admits that these features are available in Z Theme is not very complete. But in the near future, will provide software updates SCrApps to reproduce the variations and add the pictures so you can have more options to decorate your BlackBerry screen.

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