Applications, music, games, free download on iTunes for iPod and iPhone

Apple announced the initiative iTunes Gift ’12 days’: 26 December 2009-6 January 2010, users can download music and applications for free and use on iPhone and iPod Touch.

A few days ago, Apple announced the initiative “12 days of iTunes gift” from 26 December 2009-6 January 2010, on occasion, then, the Christmas period, the Cupertino Company will make available to music users and applications free to download and use on iPhone and iPod Touch. To be eligible, you must have iTunes installed on your Mac or PC and an account on iTunes.

In the last hours, in combination with the “12 days of gifts iTunes, Apple has launched an application available on the App Store, for users who want to stay updated on the promotion. The application of the same name of the initiative and provides users of the iPhone and iPod Touch can display a countdown to calculate the time remaining to the launch of the promotion and receive notifications of songs and applications through a gift a push system.

The application “iTunes 12 days of gifts,” also provides a connection to Facebook to suggest songs to their network of contacts and includes suggestions for music that might be of interest to users based on the track for free download.

For newcomers to iTunes, because it is clear that the promotion also wants to capture new users, Apple has provided a step by step guide that explains how to participate.

author:Andrea Galassi