ARCHOS Manufacturing Design Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

ARCHOS Design Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

It’s not every day you can see a well-established company which was very loyal to Google’s most prevalent mobile OS, Android, makes a huge shift by manufacturing an accessory for iOS devices. And this happens to ARCHOS. For years, the company has launched numerous Android-powered tablets. Yet, now it’s creating a new division specialized to invent accessories for other devices. The first one to come from this division is the ARCHOS Design Bluetooth Keyboard for iPads.

On a glance, the said keyboard looks pleasingly thin with exact thickness measuring in at only 5mm. If you have seen the ARCHOS Gen10 XS coverboard, this one looks very similar to it. The ARCHOS Design Bluetooth Keyboard is housed in a sleek and premium grade aluminum casing. With a magnetic clip as well as an adjustable kickstand, your iPad should mount nicely on it. The device works with any different iPad models, except for the very first one.

According to the company, the shift they have just made is not more than an attempt to leverage the business. The company has proven to manufacture quality products and they feel it’s time to share this quality with other platform other than Android. That said, it’s not impossible that in the future, ARCHOS will also develop aftermarket accessory for either Blackberry devices or Windows Phone 8 handsets.

All this aside, the ARCHOS Design Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad is due to launch in March. For $79 a pop, you get a super sleek and thin Bluetooth keyboard covered in premium grade aluminum with powerful battery backing it up. Hw do you like it?