Asus Ready to Launch First Chromebook in 2014

Google Chromebook manufacturers is still very limited. But in 2014, Asus as one the world’s leading electronics manufacturers, also engage in producing Chromebook. This is revealed in Asus roadmap for the year 2014, as quoted from Pocket-lint.

Asus CEO Jerry Shen said that his company would like to further develop products other than Windows-based laptops. And most likely a large, ASUS will use the Chromebook ChromeOS taking as one of its products. Moreover Chromebook offered at pocket-friendly prices and the market has a huge potential in the education segment.

Currently, the Chromebook is quite difficult to compete with Windows notebooks. According to data from IDC, the current Chromebook only get as much as 1 percent market share worldwide. And that dominates the market is the Samsung Chromebook that managed to ship as many as 652 thousand units.