Use the Bat Light Application on the BlackBerry to Ask Help Batman

Some of our friends from the entertainment media have watch the Batman movie Dark Knight Rises star gives almost perfect. So if you did this DC comic fanboy, then you should have this one application.

As the name suggests Bat Light is a flash application that will give off light in the middle of the bat silhouette. As Commissioner Gordon when you’re desperate to crime in Gotham City and use the beacon to summon Batman.

You can also change the color of the symbol and set the LED lights to turn on and off. When Batman is in a far away place, you can change the size of the bat to be easily visible from a distance. This application will also change your battery meter to display the bat. Emergency lights are also included with the strobe-light settings (emergency strobe slow), including if your phone has a camera light.

But for this application, you need a cost of $ 0.99.

Download Bat Light in the BlackBerry App World