BBM 7 can Free Voice Call

BlackBerry Messenger 7 aka BBM version 7 is now in beta. Latest Features in BBM7 is Voice Call, where you can make calls to other users for free fuel through a network of Wi-Fi. RIM to provide communication easier for BlackBerry users.

BBM 7 presence is definitely going with BlackBerry 10. But do not worry you will get free updates. BBM 7 can be owned by users of BlackBerry with a minimal operating system BB OS version 6.

User Interface on fuel 7 this still looks the same as before, except that there are additional phone icons on the top right corner. At 7 there are four BBM status that the user can use (BBM Voice is not available), Offline, Online, and in a voice chat. Voice chat can also walk while you texting, browsing, or send email.

BBM 7 will also get new emoticons that will make your chat on BBM becomes more expression. RIM hopes 7 are able to meet the fuel needs of BlackBerry users. Apparently BBM 7 no longer be present, who will escort the BlackBerry launch reception on January 10 next. What do you think?