BBM app for iOS and Android will Have Features Video and Voice Chat

Applications Blackberry Messenger (BBM) has been launched for iOS or Android, But not all of the features presented by Blackberry BBM for both platforms. However, the Executive VP of BBM Blackberry, Andrew Bocking revealed that it will soon bring in video and voice chat features in BBM Android and iOS .


Quoted from CBC, Bocking reveals that both of these features will be presented in BBM Android and iOS in a matter of months. Video and voice chat feature itself is now available in BBM for Blackberry mobile phones. In the presence of these features for Android and iOS users, Blackberry users also hoped that the fuel will continue to rise.

On the same occasion, Bocking also revealed that the application of fuel will continue to be a free application. Even so, the company has a strategy to be able to get money out of BBM. One is to utilize the fuel Channel will also come to Android and iOS BBM. With the Channel BBM, Blackberry can earn revenue from marketing and advertising.