Best Alternative set of Google Hangouts applications and BlackBerry Messenger

Cross-platform messenger app can be called as one of the most important things in a mobile device in the current era. Presence should have been easier for us to be recognized communicate with anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Ted Livingston, CEO of Kik, had said that the cross-platform messenger application could be categorized as “death” that must exist in any smartphone or tablet currently available.


Livingston opinion may be true, because certainly have heard about the decision to release a facility BlackBerry BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) in Android and iOS versions, as well as the increasing integration between Google’s flagship product, into a new application called Hangouts.

However, long before the two big companies that make these decisions, it has been a lot of cross-platform messenger application that has come first and can be used as an alternative, for a very around world chatting in cyberspace. What are the alternative applications? Consider stacking list of Mashable, Friday (05.17.13).


If it is one enthusiast chat using AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, and Google Talk, then Adium is likely to be one of your new friends. Instant messaging program built exclusively for Mac OS X has a feature that will integrate scattered throughout your account.


when viewed at a glance, Trillian has a very modern and futuristic. But when assessed function, then this one chat client save considerable potential.

Trillian is able to integrate your friends who are spread across Facebook, Skype, Google Talk, MSN, AIM, and other instant messaging programs. In addition, you also do not need to upgrade to the Pro version, because Trillian can still synchronize conversations between mobile devices with desktop, although you are still using the free version.

Miranda IM

When it  is Windows desktop users, and then Miranda IM is the best alternative for a gathering of friends Google Talk, AIM, Facebook, ICQ, MSN, and other chat facilities in one place.

Apple Messsages

From the name alone, it is clear that this particular software platform used in Mac OS X. The program was originally known as iChat, has interesting features. You can send iMessages as many times as you want, images, videos, and documents to all iOS device users.

In addition, you can also establish communication with those who use the application Google Talk, Yahoo, and AIM.


by using Digsby, you can directly communicate with your friends using AIM, MSN, and Facebook. In addition, the application Digsby can also send SMS for free and set up e-mail.