Best Free Blackberry Apps

People usually think Blackberries don’t have cool apps. Whenever we talk about apps, it’s mostly for Android and iPhone. Well yeah, we don’t have a million apps, but we do have some really cool stuff on our phones. Here are some apps that I have on my Blackberry, and I highly recommend these. Plus they are free!

Google Maps

Who doesn’t know about Google Maps? It’s a very powerful website and it is also available on Blackberry. The phone app has most basic features available on the main site… except that it runs on the phone, so the effects can’t be as cool as on the computer. You can use it to get satellite maps, directions, traffic information, and mark your location.

Neosistec CarFinder

It’s a common problem – you park your car in the mall’s parking lot and when you return, you forget where you parked it. Blackberry has a solution for it. Open the simple menu of CarFinder and mark the location using Blackberry GPS. Now when you return from the mall, open CarFinder on your Blackberry again and it will take you to the exact location where you had parked your car. But it will not work on old Blackberries that do not have GPS. Plus you can send the marked location to your friends, just in case you want them to assemble near you car.

Qik Mobile

Qik lets you stream videos from your Blackberry to the internet. It’s a great app that lets you share your videos with your friends online. You can even limit the access to the files by setting passwords. If you own a Blackberry that doesn’t have a camera, then this app will not work on your phone.

Pandora Mobile

If you have used Pandora on your desktop, you’ve got to download it on your Blackberry. It does the exact same stuff on your phone. Enjoy music by adding new stations, listen to the previously added ones, rate tracks, and do many other things.


You don’t have to be a teenager to enjoy instant messaging. Palringo is a chat

client that supports MSN, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, Yahoo, and other major messaging services. You can chat with other users of Palringo over Android, computer, or iPhone. It also has great voice capabilities which make it a must-have app.


Boopsie uses many different services to gather intelligent content for you. It searches websites like Wikipedia, Amazon, IMDB and more to get the right kind of content. You can select your favorite channel in this app and search for the kind of articles you want to read. It will display live results on your screen, and you can select from them. They also give an online demo to explain how the app works.


No that’s not Vlingo. Viigo allows you to view RSS feeds and news, podcasts and audio clips, money and stock data, weather, and a lot more. This single app let’s you do a lot. You can read books, get sports’ scores, get weather predictions etc. Since it has many features, it is an app that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Do You have good recommendation for free Blackberry Apps? leave on comment 🙂