Best interstitial iOS ad platform – StartApp

startapp_banner-580x333Interstitial ads are the becoming increasingly popular when it comes to advertising via mobile platforms. Most of the publishers have the interstitial ads integrated into their apps. The best way to make this type of ad more effective is to deploy it tactfully or you risk being sidelined by your users like the banner Ad. Although, banner ads and interstitials are completely different platforms for mobile advertising, however, your user base is unaware of that and does not know the difference.

If you are a developer and looking to earn and get support for your work, this is the page to be. StartApp was developed in 2010 and was initially available only to Android users. However, they have recently unveiled their Software Development Kit, also known as, SDK for iOS users too. This tool is helpful in earning revenues by distributing mobile apps. As the number of paid apps has gone considerably down for some time, the developers can now use platforms like these to make more money for their hard work.

StartApp has developed one of the best ad platforms for interstitial iOS ads by giving them the flexibility to adjust as per the screen size. A full page interstitial ad can be displayed across full screen through iOS SDK. The user interface of iOS SDK has been optimized as per each type of ad to enhance the user experience. The graphic image quality is excellent without any distortion or ‘stretch screen’ appearance. What makes iOS SDK such an excitement for developers is the ablity to create eye catching interstitial ads. iOS SDK can seamlessly integrate any ad type into the design and layout of iOS user interface. The ads can be viewed in both landscape and portrait modes.

iOS SDK is definitely a leap from Android SDK as it offers a better image quality and adjustment to the device screen. As a matter of fact, the iOS developers are getting great promotional benefits for switching to StartApp. They can avail a $100 bonus for just signing up or refer this app to other developers and make money from their referral program. There are many more exciting promotional offers to attract as many developers as possible to switch to iOS SDK offered by StartApp.

Overall experience of an iOS developer who is using StartApp will not only be pleasant but also rewarding. They will have the ease of convenient integration with the iOS SDK as well as the opportunity to earn more money in the process. StartApp’s participation with the developers has made 6 billion ad impressions a possibility across the world. These ads are displayed across many technologically advanced platforms which have been designed to increase the user experience and decrease the interference with the UI. The seamless integration process as offered by StartApp gives the users flexibility to choose between different options of SDKs available to them. iOS developers are raking in the benefits of StartApp now helping them join the popular bandwagon and make handsome revenues for all their effort.