Best iPhone applications for Students

Intensely popular among all people of different ages, the iPhone is not just a phone to manage your phone numbers but a device that is ready to meet your everyday expectations. If you are planning to gift an iPhone to loved ones who are in college or university, then first of all, fill it with the wonderful apps customized specially for aspiring students.

evernoteThere is everything that can be used by a student through an Evernote app! Students can make a creative presentation by creating texts, photo and audio notes. Compiling research or class notes, capturing blog ideas, designing web clips is easier for a student with the Evernote app. Store snaps of important reference book pages, and synchronize your data making it available on platforms such as Mac, PC and the internet. The Evernote virtual note board is a free app that supports multiple formats including PDF, Word, Excel and PPT which stores and retrieves information easily.



cheggChegg is a free app available at the iTunes App store which aids students in renting textbooks for ample duration or till the end of the semester. This way a student can save lots of money over books. It is an easy-to-use app since searching for a book only needs book name, or number or book’s barcode.


evernoteIf a kid is talented and in involved in activities for extra credits, then they would need the myHomework app that will keep track of the homework in a simple interface. Assignments can be tracked with its due date, and colored according to the priority.




Exam support with Andrew Johnson
evernoteThrough Exam Support, a relaxation coach named Andrew Johnson from UK is introduced who will help one focus, improve concentration and beat the rising tension of an upcoming exam or an important test. Since it is important to keep cool before exams or a big interview, a relaxing app will help calm those tensed nerves.



Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
evernoteOne of the brilliant apps in the market, the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock utilizes the iPhone’s accelerometer and calculates your REM sleep cycle. Detecting the lightest phase in your sleep and waking you up at the right time, it is for sure that a student will wake up refreshed and well-rested after that perfect power nap with energized memory.



If you want to get personally acquainted with the apps helpful for students, visit the App store or call the Customer Service number.


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