BlackBerry 10 It Could Purchased In Pre-Order

For the fans of BlackBerry, read the title on the course like finding an oasis when walking in the scorching desert. Yes, after a while we are overwhelmed by the news of the features of BlackBerry 10, it’s time the handset is sold to the market. But wait! You can only buy a BlackBerry 10 by pre-order.

BB 10

BlackBerry 10 is scheduled to be launched on January 30, 2012. However, some operators seem ready to sell official flagship devices from RIM.

Nahr which opens a ‘shortcut’ to obtain BlackBerry 10 it is some operator in the UK. In fact, a telecommunications company in Canada, Rogers, has opened the pre-order system for the device on its website.

Hopefully, this system also immediately acted by operators in Indonesia. Because the country has a BlackBerry user base in the world. In fact, RIM’s own claim Indonesia as ‘the BlackBerry’. But, if it is felt will be long; you can order a BlackBerry 10 here.