BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Update Testing Application Developer

A few months ago at the BlackBerry World, RIM began handing out Alpha Dev BlackBerry 10 handset to anyone who claims to be the developer. The idea is that developers can charge the BlackBerry App World with a decent number of apps at launch 10 new phones BlackBerry later.

The handset is not as commonly RIM releases prior to 4.2-inch screen that offers resolution of 768 x 1280. An OMAP processor of unknown is speed plus 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. Although this phone has not reached the hands of consumers, but RIM has announced a new update for the BlackBerry 10 phones Dev Alpha to version


Unfortunately, this is not the OTA update which means that the developers plug into your PC. You also will need the latest beta version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager is already installed on your PC. Once you’ve done that, click on sourcelink for step by step instructions.

The new OS will update the BlackBerry developer toolkit 10 and will open the BlackBerry App World Vendor Portal for BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha. This will allow developers to access the applications made by other developers and test it.

This gives developers all the BlackBerry models 10 Dev Alpha ability to see what others are doing, may lead some developers to improve something they already do.

In the past, it seems as if RIM thinks they do not need to pursue Apple or Android. This time, RIM will be entered in competition with the two platforms. Manufacturers of Canada-based smartphone this should come to market with something more powerful if RIM wants to continue to survive.