Is this BlackBerry 10 handset Slider?

We remember the first time RIM introduced the BlackBerry Torch in Indonesia, all the people who have or have used very tempted to buy the BlackBerry’s first handset that supports the OS 6 with a physical keyboard and touch screen. Ease of use make the Torch became popular handset, so BlackBerry 7 appeared on the market.

With the launch of the BlackBerry 10 is getting closer, RIM certainly will not forget the fans of Torch. Simply and sexy, right? RIM BlackBerry 10 handset which will introduce in 2013 led many to speculate what will happen with their favorite handset. And one site called CrackBerry BlackBerry participate guess as to what the BlackBerry 10 handset Torch will be visible.

The design is based on the recognition of the CEO and CMO will announce RIM BlackBerry 10 handset with the full version of the touchscreen and keyboard. Will they continue the series on the BlackBerry 10 slider? Some rumors had mentioned earlier BlackBerry10 slider BlackBerry codenamed Milan, but the last rumor was denied.

The reason that makes Torch one of them is not continued the BlackBerry 10 menu and back in will be very different to that of the Torch. Therefore in this design you can see the keyboard with curved edges plus micro trackpad prepared which will serve to navigate the phone. So how do you think? Could be this design can be implemented on a Blackberry 10 handset?

SOURCE: CrackBerry