BlackBerry 10 Maps application on Still Problematic

When first launched, many parties have praised the BlackBerry 10. Richness and uniqueness of features embedded in a smartphone, is the main reason some media to deliver the best value to BlackBerry 10. But unfortunately, this smartphone still have weaknesses, particularly in the application of ‘Maps’.


Geek website has recently launched a news stated that the application ‘Maps’ on BlackBerry 10 has a serious problem. Even some of the states that BlackBerry Maps has a worse quality than the Apple Maps.

Poor features, is one of the reasons why the application of ‘Maps’ in BlackBerry 10 expected to receive strong criticism among observers. The absence of directional features, ‘satellite view’, and information about specific places, also is a minus for this application.

Some time ago, Apple had become the butt in the media due to his decision to no longer use Google Maps and more prioritizing applications of its own, the Apple Maps. Unfortunately, Apple Maps has a quality far below Google Maps.