BlackBerry 10 Nevada Series Appear Soon On Quarter 2012

Highly confidential information has been leaked online RIM on BlackBerry 10 road map.  earlier, could delay the re-launch of the RIM BlackBerry 10 handset  and the road map for the next year, the first two devices are powered by the new OS, BlackBerry London / Nevada, scheduled to hit European markets in the first week in January next year. A month later, the two devices will make their launch in the United States.

BlackBerry London had previously planned to slide in September 2012, while BlackBerry Nevada introduced in October 2012. We do not know exactly why this plan is very much delayed until early January 2013. Even a few leaks have revealed various features like contact look at the BlackBerry 10. Obviously a lot of BlackBerry fans in Indonesia do not want the BlackBerry 10 postponed again.