BlackBerry 10 Prepare Features ‘Parental Control’ to Protect Children

BlackBerry 10 comes with many interesting features and one of them is the ‘parental control’. This feature is not used often, but when you switch BlackBerry hands to your children, then this feature will be very useful, because of course you do not want your kids surf web sites are dangerous, right?

According to the site Crackberry, parental control feature in BlackBerry 10 can be activated easily and without having to spend a lot of time. You just touch the icon ‘Settings’, and then tap ‘Security and Privacy’, and then you can select the icon ‘Parental Controls’.


Once inside the ‘Parental Controls’, you simply turn on the feature by entering a valid password. After that, you will be able to control all sorts of things, ranging from SMS to the phone call.

You can also turn off the camera, video features, browser, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and some of the online buying and selling applications.


To prevent kids to download a variety of applications labeled ‘adult’ from the BlackBerry World, you can also turn off the download feature which would limit kids to see the content that they should not get.