BlackBerry 10 will ‘ride’ with Android to Access Application Skype

For Android users, do video conferencing with Skype is not new because the application is already available for a long time in the Android and Apple App Store. Yet another thing to BlackBerry users. As long as there is no native Skype app (Skype for BlackBerry) was present for the device.


Since the announcement of the presence of Skype for BlackBerry on BlackBerry devices 10, there are many questions that come to him. Such as when the application will be attending? Whether the application is genuine? How well the application was initially run on Android is integrated in the system Blackberry 10? Or whether the application will connect to Android?

“If you have a new Blackberry Blackberry systems supported 10, you will soon be able to download and run Skype on the device. We work with Blackberry to ensure the Skype for Android app can run in the Blackberry 10,” read an official statement from Skype.

Seeing more and more applications are trying to get to run on Blackberry devices 10 through Blackberry World, can be said Blackberry will return pushed up in the smartphone market is currently dominated by IOS with the iPhone and Google with Android?