BlackBerry ‘Accidentally’ Looking Popularity For BBM app Android and iOS versions

At this stage, it is interesting to see all the possibilities that led to confusing news about the release of the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for Android and iOS. It is likely to happen because of two things that have had an opportunity occurs, first because the BlackBerry is now filled by employees who are no longer competent, or BlackBerry deliberately spreading the news in order to attract renewed interest and media attention.

BBM for android-ios

At least, the intention behind all of it is nothing more than the possibility number two of course, but looks at the condition of the company; it’s hard to deny the possibility of the first.

In fact, as reported from endgadget, on Friday (30.08.13), not long ago the BlackBerry look ‘accidentally’ posted a guide for the Android and iOS versions of BBM, but eventually retract the paper quickly.

Even a website that previously has been the site for information about the cross-platform BBM, has now been transformed with an inscription “BBM for Android and iPhone is here”, which of course the download link provided no longer works.

Previously, the website does present some interesting information about the BBM app Android and iOS versions of these, although BBM features Voice, Video, and screen sharing features on BBM screen will no longer be available at the time the application is launched, but expected to be added in the next version update.

There is no description of when exactly BBM Android and iOS version will be released, but it is believed to be in the next few weeks.