BlackBerry Applications has been Downloaded 3 billion Times

RIM has just announced today 3 billion applications have been successfully downloaded from BlackBerry App World. Online application store has opened for more than 1172 days.

Earlier in April, the BlackBerry App World to celebrate the third birthday, and RIM announced that two billion apps have been downloaded. So you have downloaded one billion applications in just 3 months. Though about two years for RIM to get the first 1 billion. While the second billion took nearly a half years. Overall, BlackBerry users download an average of 2.5 million applications a day.

During the third anniversary, RIM also announced that the app store already has 70,000 applications and “tens of thousands” of developers ready to support them. And now the number of applications they have reached 90 000 28 000 applications with the vendor. The figure would be very meaningful for BlackBerry to keep issuing BlackBerry OS 10 on time.