BlackBerry Browser supported BlackBerry PlayBook Simulator adds

Here at Research In Motion ®, we are very proud of the BlackBerry ® browser and the performance, especially coming on the BlackBerry ® ™ tablets We set up one of the best surfing experience without compromising on a board with support for the latest industry standards and technologies, including HTML 5 and Adobe ® Flash ® 10.1.

Today we are proud to announce that we have an updated version of the BlackBerry ® simulator Tablet OS, which released the entire BlackBerry browser integrated. With this simulator to date, our community of web developers are now starting their web applications and Flash applications for their full support for the BlackBerry textbook tablet come when you start to test.

As a web developer, there are some things you should know about the BlackBerry Browser runs on BlackBerry OS tablet

1) The user agent will continue the current structure of user agents that use of smartphone products to reflect. For example, here is the user agent BlackBerry ® 9800 ™ smartphone with a torch and the user agent for the BlackBerry textbook next tablet.

BlackBerry 9800 Smartphone User Agent Torch
Mozilla/5.0 (BlackBerry, U, BlackBerry 9800, n) AppleWebKit/534.1 +
(KHTML, like Gecko) Safari/534.1 + mobile Version/

Textbook BlackBerry user agent Tablet
Mozilla/5.0 (textbook, U; Tablet RIM OS 1.0.0, en-us) AppleWebKit/534.8 +
(KHTML, like Gecko) Version/0.0.1 Safari/534.8 +

2) The browser is based on the existing support for Web standards like HTML 5 for BlackBerry to include support for the HTML5 video and audio based on the performance and flexibility of the underlying operating system, Tablet BlackBerry basis. The simulator does not support all audio codecs and a few tests / video devices are needed to fully test. The browser is compatible with Adobe Flash 10.1 and Flash developers can try out the Adobe Flash Player in the simulator. We will continue to improve closely with Adobe Flash on the implementation of the Adobe and run, and we appreciate the community feedback on their experiences with Flash Player and the browsing experience in general.

We are pleased to enable developers to begin testing their Web applications on the BlackBerry Simulator Tablet OS. You can download the calculator. To the Internet-based applications for BlackBerry App World ™ or in our free offer tablet BlackBerry to participate textbook, see the BlackBerry ® platform WebWorks ™.