BlackBerry Coming Soon Build Features Writing Chinese character

BlackBerry seems to want to give an interesting surprise for users on worldwide. Through a variety of innovation, BlackBerry continued to expand the market, as well as satisfy the users of BlackBerry 10. This time, a team of BlackBerry developers make a feature that seems to be very beneficial for those who live in the territory of China. The reason is, these features will make you able to write Chinese characters by using your hands.


According to news released by CrackBerry, Wednesday (04/17/2013), this innovative technology is still in the early stages of development. But in a video that has been circulating on YouTube, features the Chinese characters on the BlackBerry Z10 already looks pretty perfect. In the demo video, you just need to write traditional Chinese characters on the touch screen. After that, the program will translate the posts you have made and display it on the BBM message, e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, and other media.

This feature is not new in the world of mobile devices. But for users of BlackBerry devices, of course, this feature will be very interesting, because it offers something that apparently has not been ogled by the BlackBerry 10 competitors in the class. One thing lacking is the absence of a clear confirmation of the developer to release a feature of China’s traditional letter writing. As a result, we still have to wait much longer until this program is really ready to be thrown into the market.

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