BlackBerry Dakota Smartphone Options Being Obama

For some people, mobile phones are now not only as a means of communication, but also to help complete the work also keeps various records meetings with clients. So it is with Obama as number one in the United States.


Then, to support his activities as head of state, the smartphone is the first black elected president in the country of Uncle Sam’s? As quoted Crackberry, Wednesday (19/12/2012), it turns out Obama is still loyal to the BlackBerry perangka.

Yes, like the photo above, there is a cell phone Dakota BlackBerry 9900 (or 9930?) Right next to the red folder designated for Obama with the word “CLASSIFIED” and a cup of tea.

Obama BB

As you know, Obama is a loyal BlackBerry user. In fact, he rejected some time ago ever iPhone giving Apple. In addition, he also claimed not to be able to operate the iPhone while trying to attempt a call.