BlackBerry flees from Cage Samsung?

Seoul – South Korea’s smartphone market seems to be hell for foreign vendors. Having previously decided HTC and Motorola will no longer sell there, the BlackBerry will reportedly take the same step.


Monday (03/18/2013), the corresponding source says BlackBerry will leave South Korea in the first half of 2013 was due to poor sales.

Previously, the BlackBerry also has to make sure it will not sell BlackBerry 10 in Japan. Because in the State Sakura, Android phones and iPhones too dominating.

When confirmed, the BlackBerry does not give a clear answer. But they sure will continue to serve its customers in South Korea.

“BlackBerry partnered well with SK Telecom and we will continue to support the ongoing BlackBerry sales in Korea,” the statement diplomatically BlackBerry.

In South Korea, the ruler of the mobile phone market is the local vendor. Samsung and LG are very dominant there so desperate to make an outside vendor.