BlackBerry handset 10 Possible Use OLED Display Technology

So far, user interface and hardware of the BlackBerry Dev Alpha 10 is always maintained in a neat rim with two variants of the L-Series and N-Series that will run either on BlackBerry 10. Of course, the first leaked to the media is known as the BlackBerry code name of London, with not much change in terms of design and specification.

This will be the first full touchscreen device BalckBerry 10 in which London will display a screen that has a 1280 x 768 resolution with 356ppi pixel density that will surely give the competition a little with the iPhone 4S.

For the N-Series, will have name as a BlackBerry Nevada. This phone will have a QWERTY keyboard like most of its predecessors, without removing the tradition of a full touchscreen that will be visible in this mode. But you’ll also find a number of lower resolution of 720 x 720 pixels.

In addition there is speculation that he will use the components for OLED screens are brighter and sharper. No information on pricing, but the speculation that the L-series will arrive around September may have occurred, with the N-Series followed later in the first quarter of 2013.