BlackBerry On Demo (VIDEO) Travel Hands

Congress in 2011, I am very excited about the new BlackBerry Travel has the BlackBerry App Center Test World. If you have not read our fundamental message Voyage Voyage BlackBerry or BlackBerry features great Ty Start Guide to review, but be sure, the video above, I consider film today with the BlackBerry Travel Product Manager, Andrew. Andrew gives me a hand on demonstration of several of the features mentioned in the posts, and explains what makes a trip BlackBerry App Super.

Andrew wanted me to forward this information to existing users, which consist of BlackBerry WorldMate Travel Test. BlackBerry enjoy travel, you have to go register a new account without BlackBerry. Later you can import existing BlackBerry WorldMate Travel by following these easy steps:

  • 1. Log into your BlackBerry Travel Web Portal account at
  • 2. Go to ‘Profile’ and select ‘import trips from WorldMate’
  • 3. You can also send your trips to [email protected]

Andreas also recommend that you uninstall your existing application after the installation of BlackBerry WorldMate travel. This will avoid duplication of work and a better overall experience – for free!