BlackBerry OS 2.1 Beta Officially Released

A few days ago we had presents info on RIM plans to release a beta version of the latest developer to BlackBerry Playbook encourage him to OS v2.1.0.560 and now, can be obtained for live updates. As we previously preached, RIM has incorporated some changes in this release. The following features will update you get the new OS Playbook:

– Improved support for HTML5
– Image support for Email, Calendar and Contacts Folder
– Improved support for IMAP folders
– Encryption in full on the device, so that all devices are now safe and private partitions.
– Screenshots are now saved in PNG format.
– Every Android application will now run in its own window. This will improve the user experience and consistency between the runtimes of other applications.
– Access to the camera is now supported for Android applications, which allow more applications to work on the BlackBerry ® Playbook ™ tablet.
– Payments are now supported through BlackBerry App Payment SDK, so that Android applications can include virtual items for sale on their applications.

To enjoy all these features, you need to register your BlackBerry Playbook. Keep in mind, this update is intended for developers BlackBerry and not really intended for consumers. If you can not handle a few bugs, then you might want to avoid this update.

Note: After installing BlackBerry OS 2.1 guidelines will not be able to backup and restore data back to 2.0.x. download or purchase applications from BlackBerry App World guidelines when using OS 2.1 may no longer work on other versions of the BlackBerry Playbook OS. Not all applications that work on OS 2.0.x will work on BlackBerry OS 2.1 guidelines.

Register your PlayBook to Download OS