Blackberry Playbook News

Fans of gaming who have invested in the now affordable BlackBerry Playbook were greeted with the good news that Angry Birds Space was launching for the tablet earlier in the week.

Now there is even more game-centric information coming to light, as the Playbook looks set to get its first ever PlayStation emulator.

The PSOne is nearly 18 years old, which means that its graphical capabilities have been dramatically overtaken by modern tablet hardware. However, the hardcore gaming crowd will have little to get its teeth into given the glut of casual games that clog modern app stores. As such the introduction of such an emulator might be welcomed by this audience.

Only serious gamers who have become familiar with emulators on other platforms will really be able to get the most out of this app. However, it is optimised for touchscreen controls and is compatible with a growing number of games, with big franchises like Gran Turismo being brought to the tablet-shaped table.

Research in Motion (RIM) has been busy pushing the app side of the Playbook`s capabilities. It followed the release of Angry Birds Space with the announcement that another major app would be getting released on the tablet next month.

While the actual identity of the app itself remains a mystery, Ubergizmo speculates that it is more than likely another game. Many sources are putting their money on it being a tablet-friendly iteration of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.

This 3D platform action title has already found success on the PC and Xbox 360, but RIM actually used it to demonstrate the power of the Playbook ahead of its launch last year.

In the interim it has remained in limbo, but it will hopefully be unveiled as the next big game for the Playbook, perhaps even making an appearance as early as next week.

The gaming credentials of the Playbook are getting stronger and stronger by the month. The launch of the first major update for the QNX operating system was celebrated by RIM making a pair of high end GameLoft games free for every user to download. It has since begun to market games at discount prices, partnering with major publisher EA in order to bring titles like Plants vs. Zombies and Dead Space to a wider audience with a 50 per cent drop in their cost to the user.

The BlackBerry Playbook got off to an undeniably slow start when it arrived in mid-2011, with most praising the hardware while criticising the lack of apps. Now it seems that things are finally starting to pick up, with RIM focusing on enhancing the reputation of its well equipped seven inch tablet.

With Flash compatibility and excellent media playback it can replace a Freeview box as your main source of audiovisual entertainment. Now the gaming fans out there will have much more to shout about thanks to Angry Birds Space, a PlayStation emulator and the promise of a Lara Croft game.